Taking Time Out To Shave

I will admit it, years ago I thought shaving was a pain in the proverbial.

I did it because I felt I had to.

Because I thought of it as a chore, there were days, weeks, even months where I didn’t shave.

These days, I actually do enjoy shaving and consider it to be an art.

Mind you, I don’t shave every day.

Usually every second or third day.

Getting the One Blade razor certainly did change how I thought of it.

Now, I take the time to be there when I shave.

I also use it as one of the times during the day when I can shut everything out and just focus on shaving.

No thinking about distractions, thinking about my ToDo list, or anything that isn’t shaving.

Some may say it isn’t the same as sitting cross-legged and humming, though shaving to me has become a meditation routine for me.

If you duck it you will find others who do the same.

Maybe its time to ditch the cartridge razor, and go old school and take some time out from things.

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