The Art Of Shaving

While I can’t remember exactly when I started shaving, I can remember that it was somewhere in my mid-teens.

Being in my forties now, it means that I have been shaving for about three decades.

For most of those thirty years, I have been wanting to get it over and done with as soon as possible.

Though about two years ago now, I changed how I thought about shaving and set out to buy myself a straight blade razor.

I had a spiffy Dovo straight blade razor all picked out, though as things happen, that particular model was out of stock in all the places I looked in Australia.

Taking this as a bit of a sign, I decided to hunt around for another one.

This was when I came across the OneBlade razor.

Shaving with one takes longer than it would with a disposable or electric razor.

Though, if you look at shaving as a form of meditation, then it changes the whole experience.

Looking at it as an experience, rather than a chore changes your whole thought process around shaving.

Making it an art.

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