What Sort Of Pen Do You Use?

Aren’t pens fascinating things?

When you look at them, all they are is a cylinder that holds ink.

Yet, we all have our thoughts on what a “good” and “bad” pen is.

My preferred pen, Jameson, is a black Parker Sonnet I bought nearly a decade ago. (Don’t pick on me about the name, I am a child of the 80’s after all).

While I do have other pens, Jameson is my “go to” when I am being serious about writing.

Now the funny thing about the pens that I have, is that I have found that I am the most creative when I have Jameson in my hand.

For some reason, and I really don’t know why things don’t seem to flow as well when I am using a different pen.

Ball points are my general “scribble” pen.

Gel pens are the ones I use when I am taking notes.

I haven’t tried roller ball pens yet, though, maybe if I ask Father Christmas really nicely, he might bring me one…

I have tried using a stylus on the iPad/iPhone, though all I ended up doing with them was drawing doodles.

Though, all of that changes, depending on the paper that I am writing on. And, that is a whole new blog post within itself.

Does the pen that you use depend on the “seriousness” of what you are writing?

Or, do you have a pen that is all things?

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