Are We In Control, Or Does It Control Us?

How many “addictive” things are we doing because we think we are control of it?

Or, let’s take a step further and ask how many of the things we do/partake in actually control us?

If we were to step back and think critically about the things that we do, we would see that a majority of them control us more than we think we are in control of our use of them.

For example, the shows that we watch on TV are created to exert some sort of control over us.

Our favourite drama that we love to watch is scripted and produced in a way to make sure that we watch the next episode.

Social media is designed to get us to interact with it more and spend more time on it.

It’s beyond time that we started to think about how much these things control us, and how little control we have over them.

Photo by Fernando Arcos: