‘Analog’ or ‘Digital’?

In this era of electronic overload, it seems that some of the “old ways” are making a come back or maybe they didn’t leave, it is just that we didn’t notice them.

One of the “old ways” I am talking about is reading books.

While digital copies of something may be more convenient. They also encourage us to hoard things.

Have a look at your hard drive, or kindle account and see how many items are there that you haven’t touched in 12 months or more.

I know from my experience that I am not talking about number of items, I am talking about volume of them. And they are in the Gig.

Yes. I am aware that having a book takes up space too.

The difference is, with books, you can see them.

Once you are able to see something, you are more inclined to touch it, to read it.

You can even make notes inside it to help you the next time you read it.

If you see a book that you are no longer interested in reading, you can donate it to charity.

Very few people throw out books that are in good condition.

Yet, we do it all the time with digital files.

From my experience, I find reading a book on a tablet harder than I do when holding it. (The same goes with big PDFs).

There seems to be something about the smell of books, the act of holding them in your hand, and turning the pages that engrosses you more in what is being said.

Something that can’t be replicated with a simple swipe to the left.

Last weekend I finished the latest Matthew Reilly novel “The Three Secret Cities”.

This week I am starting Seneca’s “Letters from a Stoic”.

And my “to read” list is growing.

What about you?

What was the last ‘actual’ book that you read?

And, do you prefer reading in tablet form?

Are you concerned about how much Facebook and Google know about you and your browsing habits?

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