Democracy Isn’t Dead

We are being told that democracy is dead, and that we need to find something different.

Except the thing is, democracy isn’t dead.

We, the voters have allowed it to become something that it shouldn’t be.

We have allowed the media to draft their own narrative, and influence rather than inform us.

Because of this, and with politicians unhealthy obsession with vanity metrics, we now have politicians who are only interested in figures that don’t matter.

We have politicians who we only really hear from at election time when they give us a “core” or “non-core” promise to do all sorts of things if elected.

There is now talk of lowering the voting age.

As if adding more voters is somehow going to magically make politicians listen to, and understand us.

Instead of following the belief that democracy is dead, and we need something new, how about we take the time to understand how our democracy is supposed to operate?

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