We Need To Build Better Villages

Some days it feels like our society is falling apart.

We are told that more people are being diagnosed with depression every day

That people don’t feel safe walking out in their neighbourhood.

Bullying is on the increase, at schools, at work and online.

That loneliness is increasing

Yet we are now more “connected” than ever before.

And yet, how many of us really feel like we “belong” somewhere?

I am not talking about some fickle social clique, where you could be cast out on a whim.

I am talking about genuinely feeling like you belong somewhere?

There is an old African proverb that says

It takes a village to raise a child

And that is what we need to start doing again.

Building those villages.

Villages where people feel safe.

Villages where people respect and look out for each other.

Villages where anti-social behaviours don’t happen, because no one feels the need to “lash out” or “rebel”.

Villages where people grow and become better members of the village.

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