Packing Your Inch Bag

In prepping terminology there is a thing called an I.N.C.H. Bag (I’m Not Coming Home).

How many of us are that prepared for the challenges that life may throw at us?

Now, I am not saying we need to pack a bag to never come home.

What I am asking is how many of us are prepared if we are delayed in getting home?

We could be stranded somewhere because of transport cancellations, power disruptions, an accident, you name it.

Do we carry enough actual cash to buy something if the ATM/EFTPOS network goes down?

Or how about a spare battery if our phone runs flat?

Or, and probably most importantly, what if we are late home for dinner?

Who carries a snack around?

You know, just incase?

Are we becoming too reliant on everything being convenient?

Or are we simply getting lazy?

Photo by Kun Fotografi from Pexels

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