Good Enough, Isn’t

How often do we do something that is good enough?

I will admit, that I have put that stamp on things.

Things that I know I could have done better, though couldn’t be bothered doing it.

Though the thing with good enough is that it isn’t an insult to the person receiving it.

It is an insult to us as the person who produced it.

We have decided that our “less than best” is good enough for them.

Though, how would we feel if someone gave us something that they thought was good enough?

We don’t want to wait more than a few minutes in line at a checkout.

We expect our coffee order to be spot on.

We expect to be able to get a seat on public transport.

And, complain the times that we don’t.

Yet, what we are complaining about is what someone has said is good enough for us.

If we expect things to be perfect for us, it’s only fitting that we do better ourselves.

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