200th Blog Post

Today, this post marks the 200th one I have written for this blog.

For this one, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on it, and stats for the past 200 posts.

To date, the most read post has been *In Memory Of Socrates*

Which, to me, is a good thing, because it was probably one of the hardest ones that I have had to write.

On the writing itself, I have had a few ups and downs.

There were times where I lost the inspiration to write something every day.

And, there were times where I let other things get in the way of writing a post.

Thankfully, developing a system to write these posts has helped me get over the hurdles I have faced in the past, and hopefully, help with any future ones.

Though, to tell you the truth, I am enjoying writing and posting something every day.

And, most importantly, I do think starting this blog was worth it.


Here’s to the next 200.

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