because the simple things in life are often the best

This was the tag line used in Kellog’s Corn Flakes commercials in the late 80s.

Though how often is it true?

I’ve seen kids and cats more interested in the box, rather than what came out of it.

I’ve made my son a train out of toilet roll and bottle tops, and he gets just as much enjoyment out of that as he does his wooden Thomas trains.

I even made a whipper snipper for him out of two pieces of wood, a few screws, and a hummus container lid. He has played with it every day since I made it, and creates all these games, play, etc with it.

Why can’t we as adults, do the same thing?

Why do we need to make everything OTT?

AI for this, gamification for that, and so on.

What ever happened to keeping things simple, and not over complicated?

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