Shining Your Shoes

Why don’t we shine our shoes anymore?

Growing up that was one of the chores I had to do every weekend.

Shine my school shoes for the week ahead.

Like all kids with chores, there were a million other things that I would have rather do that shine my shoes.

Though leaping ahead to adult life, shining my shoes is no longer a chore.

It is actually something that I enjoy, and look forward to.

These days, shining my shoes serves a few purposes.

Aside from the usual preservation of the shoes, and personalisation of them.

Shining my shoes is also used as a time for me to, in a way, mediate on things.

Sitting out there with the shoes, cloth and brush, you really need to be present, and aware of what you are doing.

I’d love to say that polishing your shoes is a remedy for the daily stresses.

To some, like me, it actually may be.

Though I wonder how much better society would be if we spent a little more on our shoes and got some that were made, not mass produced, and spent the time to clean them every few days.

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