Building In Buffers

I haven’t published any articles on this blog for about five days now due to not having a buffer set in place.

While it would be easy to make up all sorts of excuses or justifications for it, the simple fact of the matter is that I failed to plan for those days where the creative juices aren’t flowing.

Yes, I know about the Six Ps, and ignored them.

Instead, I believed that I would be able to wake up every morning, jot a few ideas down on paper, then create a blog post out of it.

Sadly, things haven’t worked out that way.

The irony of all of this is that Stoicism encourages us to prepare for situations like this with the exercise premeditatio malorum, “the pre-meditation of evils”.

For me, having writer’s block is one of the “evils” that I wasn’t prepared for, nor did I think it would happen.

Yet it did.

It also got me thinking about the other areas of our life where we practice premeditatio malorum.

We do it when driving by leaving a few seconds gap in front of us.

We do it when we take out insurance policies.

We even do it by having a superannuation account.

Now, I am sure all the warm and fuzzy people would say that we are being negative by preparing for something bad to happen.

Though are we really?

OR are we simply following the Scout’s motto of being prepared?

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