Building Better Habits

It’s coming up to that time of the year again where people promise themselves that things will be different next year, and that they will make a habit out of doing x, y, or z.

Before you do that yourself, I recommend that you read a recent article by James Clear on that topic.

The takeaway from it is that forming a habit takes a long time, though the exact time depends on a lot of factors.

Starting small is always a good thing, as they are usually more sustainable and achievable.

A 1% change in behaviour over the course of a year will have an enormous impact on you.

What small things can you start doing today, that will improve your life tomorrow?

Are you concerned about how much Facebook and Google know about you and your browsing habits?

I am. This is why I use the Brave Browser.

It is also why there are no Google or Facebook tracking cookies on this site.

If you want to find out more about the Brave browser, follow this link, or click the image below.

(If you install and use the browser, I will get some BAT from the Brave team, though no one will know you have done it, or anything about you).

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