What I’ve Learnt From 30 Blog Articles

You are now reading the 30th article that I have written since I decided to publish one every day.

The first of those articles was published on 02 November 2018.

While it has been a bit over a month, I have learnt a few things along the way.

It is hard to find something personal to write about every day.

While I have been blogging for years, they are about business and other things, so they are relatively easy to write.

To help with this, I now have a system in place where I write random ideas down on index cards then file them away, to be used when I need to think of something to write.

Writing something that you won’t be embarrassed about in a few years time is equally hard.

To fix this, I simply ask myself if what I am writing is something I would be happy reading in 2 years time.

Yes, I do know that I don’t really know whether I will when the time comes, though it does help to filter out the drafts that were written for no other reason than I needed to write something.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

A few of the ideas for future pieces have come while sitting in a coffee shop having a coffee.

The trick is, to be open to them coming to you wherever you are, and being ready to jot them down when they do.

This is another reason why a notebook and pen come in handy. Though I have also added a few index cards to the notebook.

Last, though not least:
I am enjoying it, and the journey it is taking me on.

While it can be frustrating looking at a blank piece of paper or a white screen, I really am having fun doing this.

I know from experience that if something isn’t fun, we will look for any excuse to get out of doing it.

This is fun for me because I am genuinely curious as to where I will be in a years time when I am writing my 365th blog article.

Even though I am 30 articles into this, I can hand on my heart say that it is something that I recommend that everyone does.

Try it for 12 months, and see where you end up.

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