Treating Everyone Like A Friend

A few days ago I came across a video by Brooks Gibbs, where he talks about “the golden rule”.

He goes on to say that we should be treating our enemies as our friends.

While the clip relates to school bullying, it is just as important to be aware of it in our adult life.

Especially in light of recent events.

Rather than drawing attention to, and stomping our feet demanding that a particular group of people condemn a particular act, we as a free society should be asking questions.

We need to know what it was that pushed this person over the edge to believe that taking the life of a human being was a good thing.

What can we as a community do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again? (And no, I am not talking about more laws that reduce our freedoms and rights, making it easier for others to become radicalised).

We need to start with the media, and how they inundate us with what they want us to know about the event.

Time to stop drawing negative attention to these events, which gives those who commit them what they want.

As a society, we need to become more resilient.

The more resilient we become, and the less that these events have a negative impact on our lives, the less likely they will be thought of as something to do.

Yes, I know this is a rather simplified view of a complex matter, though the thing is, the discussion needs to start somewhere.

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