Politicians And Politics

The funny thing about politics is that is the collective value of the politicians that are voted in that sets our view on the subject.

If, as we are seeing now, decent engaging politicians aren’t voted in, we become more apathetic to it.

This in turn give those who are below par a greater chance of being re-elected as we will simply be going through the motions. This is also compounded by the compulsory attendance.

Therefore, it is up to us as voters to vote in better politicians, even if it means going against what you have done in the past.

It is only us, the voter who can improve the standard of the politicians who are representing us.

When below par politicians are voted in, it encourages other become sub par.

Though when we vote in engaging and genuine politicians, others have to lift their standard.

And that is what we should be doing, voting in those who actually make us want to vote for them, rather than because we have to.

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