Self Censoring

How often do you censor yourself?

As a blogger, while I usually do write what I want, I have noticed that I have been doing this more often.

This hasn’t been because of what I wanted to write was hurtful, insulting, etc.

It is because, in my view, what I wanted to write would be seen as challenging the status quo.

And that is something they don’t want to have happen.

Which is interesting, for me, because I do believe in free speech, and that the status quo should always be challenged.

I understand the reason why some people self censor, such as implications for current or future job prospects, lack of confidence, and so on.

What I discovered is that the reasons why we self censor, are the very same reasons why we shouldn’t.

We live in a free-ish society, where free speech should be first and foremost, and not thinking about who would be upset if we say what we wanted to.

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