Letter’s From A Stoic

This week’s book is Letter’s From A Stoic by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

As I said in last week’s post, it is a book that I have read before.

For those who don’t know what the book is about, it is a collection of 124 letters that Seneca wrote to his friend Lucilius around 63 – 65AD.

It is one of those books that you can’t or shouldn’t only read once, then forget about.

This time around, I am getting more from it.

The first time around, I read the book the same way that I would any other one, and I feel that that held back some of the value of it.

This time around, and knowing a bit more about Stoicism, I read the book a few letters at a time.

My reason for doing this is that it gave me time to think about what was written and how I can apply it to life in this modern age.

I also took notes from it, and highlighted parts of the book that had an impact on me.

While it is a good book, I have been asking myself if I would read the book if I wasn’t interested in Stoicism.

To that, I would say I would, and I do recommend to others that they read it to.

It may not lead you to studying Stoicism, though if you take the content on board, it may just help you live a bit of a better life.

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