God Friended Me

It seems that every few years TV land needs a “feel good” series to counter all the destructive Programs that show.

Currently, we have “God Friended Me”.

In the past we have had “Highway To Heaven” and “Touched By An Angel”. (I am sure there are others, though they are the ones that stick in my mind).

While the actors and storylines may change, the overall premise stays the same.

People helping out each other.

While it isn’t possible for most people to do the sorts of things that they do in the shows, we are still able to help each other out.

We can be a little less grumpy or a bit more chatty/friendly when at the checkout.

We can slow do a little and let that car merge into traffic.

We could even pay it forward and pay for the next person’s coffee at our coffee shop.

If we all did a random act, every now and then, can you imagine how much better the world and our view of it would be?

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