Foreign Influence Isn’t What We Should Be Worried About

In a brilliant stroke of distraction, the mainstream media is getting all excited about a foreign country trying to influence our “democracy”.

Supposedly, this poses one of greatest threats to our democracy that we have seen.

Except, I don’t think it is.

A far greater threat is the ever increasing number of eligible voters who aren’t engaged with the political process.

I’m not talking about those who jump on whatever bandwagon is trending at the time.

I am talking about those who actually understand politics in this country.

Without an engaged electorate the quality of politicians will fall.

The lower the quality of politicians there is, the lack of forward planning there will be.

The less forward planning there is, the lower our prosperity will be.

The lower our prosperity is, the more apathetic the voters become.

The more apathetic voters become, the less engaged they become in the political process.

And, the circle starts all over again.

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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