Beard Envy Is Real

I’ve been growing a beard for about 12 months now.

And, surprisingly, I enjoy having one.

Now, I will also be the first to admit that in the early days of having a beard, I really didn’t look after it that well.

I will also admit, that this was partly, well mostly due to not having a clue about what I wanted to do with my beard.

Did I want to let it grow into some large beard that will take on a life of its own.

Or, did I want to keep it trimmed to a particular length and style.

It was all way too much for me to think about, so I just let it grow.

That changed a few months ago when I went to the local barber for a haircut.

As is usually the case, I let them do what they want, they are the expert after all.

This time around, the barber who cut my hair took the time to give my beard a shape, and make it something that I could keep up with.

While it wasn’t so much what he did with the beard, it was what he said about it.

Here I was thinking that a beard is just something that someone grew.

After chatting to the barber, I realised that they are something more.

For some weird reason, having a beard is something that others can be envious of.

Which, to tell you the truth, really does baffle me.

After all, it is just a beard…

Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels

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