A New Year Is Here

Here we are, day three of a new year.

Do we still have our New Year’s resolutions intact?

Are your resolutions achievable ones?

I had thought about making some this year.

Then I decided against it.

This was more because I wanted my “end goal” to be something that I could achieve by doing something daily and being able to tick it off.

What I have done is decided where I want to end up, and work out a way to get there.

So, instead of simply saying I want to eat better and exercise more, I have listed out how many times a week I will allow myself to eat something that I shouldn’t. I’ve also given myself little goals of the exercise achievements I want to make along the way.

I think by doing this, it will keep me motivated and in-motion on my way to satisfying what would have been a New Year’s Resolution.

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