Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Starting something new is always a challenge until you get into the swing of it.

The same can be said with restarting something as well.

Do you push back big and let gravity take you forward, hoping to build up enough momentum that you can keep going, or do you start small and build up the momentum as you go?

This was something that I faced when getting back into regular blogging again.

For me, I chose what was the least disruptive, by going for little swings until I get used to it.

Sitting down to write a week’s worth of blog posts in one hit was a bit much, so I have penciled in a weeks worth of title, with the content to come the day before, or day of publishing.

Next week I may write a few days in advance, building up to where I can do a weeks in one sitting.

Whichever way I do go, the important thing for me is to keep moving, to keep making progress, to keep swinging.

Photo by Pille Kirsi