Why Do I Have A Blog?

Blogging is one of those interesting hobbies/jobs that only those who do it, truly understand.

While it is possible to make a decent living from blogging, the reality is that very few bloggers actually do.

I won’t be making any money from this site as it isn’t monetised.

Sure, I could add affiliate links, ebooks and all that other stuff.

Though I have no plans to.

So, why do it?

For me, I enjoy sitting down planning out what to write for the week, then writing those articles.

It is a way for me to maintain a sort of self-discipline in creating something for this site.

And for all of the sites that I have, it gives me a chance to share my thoughts and ideas with the world.

And, for a lot of bloggers that I know, that is why they do it.

To share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

Thoughts and ideas that someone else will read,.

And if that is all that comes from the various blogs I have, then that will be enough for me.

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