When A Pet Dies

Yesterday it was 6 months ago that our family cat Socrates died.

Remembering back to the time that we spent with him, I have been thinking about others in similar situations.

Last month, Jason Steger wrote an opinion piece “Will you be there when your much-loved pet draws their final breath?” that hit a bit of a nerve for me.

Thinking back to Socrates last day, I still wouldn’t do anything differently.

I would still take the day off from my business, and spend it with him.

After reading that article, I think keeping him home in a familiar place was the best thing to do.

I do understand why some people aren’t able to be there in those final moments for their pet, and I am not going to criticise them for doing what they think is best for them.

What really does annoy me is when the Fair Work Ombudsman posted something on Facebook about taking time off to care for a fur baby.

Yes, they are legally correct when they say that, though will it be the right thing for the business or the employee in question?

The thing with personal/carer’s leave is that Fair Work Act has set the MINIMUM criteria for when it can be used. Not the MAXIMUM.

If, as a business owner, you want to give an employee time off to care for a pet, by all means do it.

From a business perspective, it is probably better for the business to give the employee time off, rather than have them at work and only half be there.

Remember, we are dealing with people here.

And people are complex individuals who don’t necessarily fit into any black and white definition of them.

As I have always asked, how would you feel if it was you?

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