The Melbourne Cup

Today is the day that a particular horse race is held at Flemington, Victoria.

Honestly, I do have to wonder why, in this day and age, we still have horse racing.

This isn’t from a position related to any of the scandals, it is more for what it doesn’t do for people.

To make a profit from backing a winner, requires a decent “investment”. One that would most likely get a better return invested elsewhere.

The entertainment factor is doubtful at best.

In all honesty, if we look at it objectively, and without being romanticised, this race is nothing more than an excuse to over indulge.

I’d be willing to say that the same goes for those outside of the state who take time off to watch it, etc.

Surely, there has to be something better that we can do with our time?

On a side note, the Stawell Gift, which is Australia’s richest footrace struggled to attract sponsors, for its prize pool of $40,000 for each race. Yet the Melbourne Cup offers $4,400,000 for first place.

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