Safeguard Your Privacy

I am a huge believer in personal privacy, online and everywhere else.

Constant CCTV coverage gives us a false sense of security and is only useful after the fact.

The more that our privacy is eroded or given up, the more that everyone is at risk.

Encryption and online privacy protects and helps everyone.

I am moving away from the big data miners and using those services that respect my privacy.

For email, I use both Protonmail, and Tutatnota, though Tutanota is my default service.

Both services have their pros and cons, and ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference.

I also use a VPN, both at home and when out and about.

After trailing a few, I have found that NordVPN is the best. (It also helps if you want to watch Netflix from other countries). (That is an affiliate link, if you don’t want to click it, simply go to

When surfing the internet, I use TOR, Firefox, Brave, Waterfox, and Iridium browsers. (I still have chrome installed, though that is for limited surfing and cookies and browsing history are deleted weekly).

While these may seem like a lot of browsers, I do this to keep everything separate from each other. (If you only want to use one, Firefox with the facebook extension installed is good for keeping things separated).

This is an important issue that should be given more consideration than it is in this election.

While there isn’t much that we can do to stop government, and corporate surveillance, we can make it harder for them.

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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