Way back when I was an apprentice, every Friday was POETS.

When the boss was around it was Punch Out Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday, though every other time a different “P” word was used.

Something that always intrigued me about those who did leave early on Fridays was that they were the same ones who were as grumpy as anything on Monday.

It didn’t take much to realise that these people didn’t really want to be at work.

Though paradoxically, they were also the ones who were the first to put their hand up for overtime.

Granted there are times when we all succumb to the CBFs (Can’t Be F*&ked).

Though how much damage are we doing to ourselves when we live for those times where we aren’t at work?

Is the damage that we are doing to ourselves worth it?

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

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