KYC (Know Your Customer)

Banks and financial institutions have a requirement to “know” their customer.

This is done through identity verification.

You know, just incase the customer isn’t who they say they are.

Though in reality, they don’t really know us.

All they can do is identify us.

If they genuinely knew us, as their customer, they would understand us too.

While it is easy to pick on the banks and other big organisations, others don’t really know their customer either.

How many coffee shops still have a surcharge for those who don’t want dairy in their coffee?

How many places have loyalty programs yet still don’t know the name of the customer?

How many retailers think that the customer is there to be exploited, rather than served?

Or that we are in 2019, and they still have someone standing at the entrance checking bags?

Maybe it is time to actually get to know your customer rather than pretending you do.

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