How Long, Then, Will You Put Off Thinking Yourself Worthy?

How long, then, will you put off thinking yourself worthy of the highest improvements and follow the distinctions of reason?

You have received the philosophical theorems, with which you ought to be familiar, and you have been familiar with them. What other master, then, do you wait for, to throw upon that the delay of reforming yourself?

You are no longer a boy, but a grown man.

If, therefore, you will be negligent and slothful, and always add procrastination to procrastination, purpose to purpose, and fix day after day in which you will attend to yourself, you will insensibly continue without proficiency, and, living and dying, persevere in being one of the vulgar.

This instant, then, think yourself worthy of living as a man grown up, and a proficient.

Let whatever appears to be the best be to you an inviolable law. And if any instance of pain or pleasure, or glory or disgrace, is set before you, remember that now is the combat, now the Olympiad comes on, nor can it be put off. By once being defeated and giving way, proficiency is lost, or by the contrary preserved.

Thus Socrates became perfect, improving himself by everything. attending to nothing but reason.

And though you are not yet a Socrates, you ought, however, to live as one desirous of becoming a Socrates.

~ Epictetus (Enchiridion 50)

Is there anything more that can be said?

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