Are we becoming too Americanised if we celebrate Hallowe’en?

Aren’t we already Americanised with the proliferation of fast food chains, car brands, TV shows, rodeos, etc?

I would be willing to bet that if you picked a handful of random people off the street, a majority of them would be able to tell you what the First, Second, and Fifth amendments to the US constitution are, yet would most likely fail to recite the first line to the preamble to ours.

We hear more about foreign leaders in our media than we do about our own.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Hallowe’en, just like there is nothing wrong in going to a baseball game, driving a Ford, or wearing Levi jeans.

The problem comes when we know more about another country than we do our own.

If you really do think that Hallowe’en is an American tradition that we shouldn’t be following, maybe this article from Merriam-Webster might change your mind.

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