Fate, Fortune And Free Will

Sitting down to write this piece, I totally forgot, and couldn’t find the quote that I was going to use for it. (While it was a Stoic related quote, I can’t remember if it was from Seneca or Marcus Aurelius).

This lead me to do an internet search for the quote, which I wasn’t able to find.

Though, in the process, I did find things that I can use for future pieces.

Now the interesting discussion happens when we talk about whether it was fate, free will, or fortune that lead/created that series of events.

Or, is it a mix of all three?

I exercised my free will by not writing down the quote on the index card that I use for articles. I also used free will in looking for the quote online.

By not writing the quote down, was my fate sealed for not being able to write the piece I wanted to?

And what about the fortune that was received by having material for future pieces due to looking online for the quote?

Now they are fascinating things to ponder, though what does it mean in the big scheme of things?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea.

What I do know is that what I do and how I react to things is my choice.

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