Does Practice Make Perfect?

There’s that old saying that practice makes perfect, though does it really?

There was a line from the Jack Reacher book “One Shot”, where Jack Reacher says that practice makes average people better. (I am paraphrasing here. While the phrase did stick with me, I forgot to write it down to remember it).

That saying makes more sense really because we also know that perfection is the killer of progress/success/creativity.

For example, when I first committed to writing a blog post every day, it took me most of the day to plan out a week’s worth.

Now, it only takes me an hour to write the titles, then another hour or so to find the images, and about half an hour to write the post.

Will all of the articles be perfect?

Not by a long shot.

And, I am happy with that,

Because I know that I am getting better with what I do.

And that is what is important to me.

So, maybe we should be saying practice makes better.

Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels

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