Does It Really Matter?

How ofter do we get upset by things that don’t really matter?

Was out driving the other day when for some unknown reason the person in the right lane decided that the traffic looked better in the lane I was in.

And, they proceeded to move across into said lane.

Without looking to their left, or indicating.

My response was a decent honk of the horn.

Which is usually enough to get people to think they might be doing something that upset someone else.

Except in this instance, it did nothing.

They kept moving over.

Which left me with a few options, and only one of them would mean that I could carry on with might night.

And, that was to slow down and let them continue on their way, blissfully unaware of what could have happened.

That is what I did.

Afterwards, it did get me to think about what should I have done next.

Should I have gone after them, and attempted to pull up alongside of them to “give them a piece of my mind”?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there would have been a point in time where that is exactly what I would have done.

Except on this occasion I didn’t.

I simply continued on my way, not giving it another thought, until the time came to write this blog post…

Simply because in the big scheme of things, I decided that it didn’t really matter what they did.

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