What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies?

Are they a scam?

Are they simply a rip off?

Or worse, are they something that is only used by those who have something to hide?

While all of the above may be true in some instances, is it really any different to the fiat currency that we use?

If people want to hide something, they pay cash.

How many scams are there that we are warned about all the time?

Personally, I think they are the way to go, as the banks and government have shown us time and time again that they can’t be trusted.

Something that is sold for 1ETH (Ethereum) here can be bought for 1ETH by someone anywhere in the world.

And the transaction confirmed in minutes.

You can buy meals in Victoria and New South Wales (Qld coming soon), with the Liven app. (Enter the code U5E4TK to get $10 towards your second meal through the app).

You can spend your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ZCash, and via an eftpos card from CoinJar. (Signup via the link to get 500 CoinJar points).

Or, if you want the flexibility of a debit card, the is the TenX card.

Or, if you simply want to buy cryptocurrencies, there is Coinbase. (Sign up via the link to get $14 worth of Bitcoin, once you have bought/sold $144 worth of crypto).

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