Change Your Thinking

How often do you change your thinking on things?

Are you one of those people who, once you think a particular way about something, stick with it, regardless?

Or, are you someone who regularly reassess their thoughts on things?

For example, growing up in the 80’s, and thanks in no part to the movie franchise “Jaws”, I was terrified of sharks.

Though as I got older I realised that sharks aren’t that scary after all.

Once that fear was gone, I discovered that they, like all apex predators, are essential for the health of our oceans.

I also thought that sitting down watching TV every night was one of those things that were neutral, though now I believe that it isn’t.

I once believed that political parties were the only way to get things done, and to ensure our democracy remains valid. I now know they are part of the problem, and defiantly not the solution.

And, the list could go on…

The moral of this post is that if we aren’t testing and challenging our thinking on things, how do we know that it will serve us the best?

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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