Cats really are an interesting animal.

And, people’s response to them is just as interesting.

It is said, you are either a cat person, or you aren’t.

Those who are cat people, become almost “obsessed” with them.

Yet, when it comes to the cat themselves, they tend to be really indifferent to the people around them.

While some cats have a favourite person, most of the time they are so independent, that they appear indifferent to humans.

How they respond to things is something that we should take notice of.

Thinking back to how Socrates was when he got sick, he didn’t seem to let his illness get him down.

He still purred, and wagged his tail, etc.

Yet, us humans, we get a sniffle or a headache, and it is the end of the world.

Maybe that is why so many people are fascinated by cats.

They behave the way that we would like to.

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