Being Aware Of Media Bias

There is an article that appears in this weekend’s paper titled The brutal battle for the soul of veganism.

While the article does appear to be well researched, it has been researched in the wrong areas.

It presents false dichotomies, incorrect claims, and general misinformation.

Yet, for some reason, there will be a large number of people who will accept this as the truth, and base their views on it.

The general population will now have a view of vegans thanks to something that isn’t the reality of how we are.

Which got me thinking.

How often do we let others influence and decide our opinions and views for us?

We have social media echo chambers reinforcing views we already held.

We have mainstream media pushing agendas, and creating sensationalism to sell papers/get views.

Every time we listen/read something, without thinking critically about it, we run the risk of it influencing us.

Instead of taking the easy path, and letting someone decide how, and what we should be thinking, maybe it is time to say no, and think for ourselves.

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