Be Wary Of Who You Choose As Your Mentor

We need to be brutal about who you choose to be your mentor and have an influence on your life.

If there is someone or something in your life that is not supporting it or encouraging you to grew and become better, get rid of it/them.

Yes, this may be hard to do.

Especially if that person is a family member, though you will need to draw a line in the sand at some time.

Start small, and ask yourself if sitting down in front of the TV for a few hours at night is really helping you.

If your excuse is you need it to ‘wind down’, why don’t you try meditation or reading a book?

With so many things having an impact on our lives and influencing it in some way, we should be choosing those positive influences.

It is worthwhile remembering the following quote:

Watch your thoughts. They become words.
Watch your words. They become deeds.
Watch your deeds. They become habits.
Watch your habits. They become character.
Character is everything.

There is no attribution to this quote as I have not been able to find out who actually said it. For more, follow this link.

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